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For event organizers

Specializing in events, our agency puts you in touch with independent photographers who meet your needs. To contact us


What we offer you

Thanks to our vast network of partner photographers, we are able to save you time in your research and react promptly to all situations. Our contracts are standardized, which prevents unpleasant surprises when using the photos. With an in-depth understanding of business needs and how event photographers' workflows work, we are able to effectively support businesses throughout their events.



Our process is simple: simply contact us with your search criteria, and we will provide you with a selection of independent event photographers. If our first selection doesn't suit you, no problem. We will continue our search until we find the person who meets all your needs.

Once you have found the event photographer, we can support you during the preparation phase as well as during the event.


Our advantages

Our priority is to help you find the photographer who best suits your needs, while saving you time and providing you with comfort.


Standardized contracts

Photographers are paid on an hourly basis. The rights to use the photos without time or support limits are automatically integrated. This saves you from having to find an arrangement afterwards.


Customizing searches

We can find you photographers based on criteria such as their specializations, their prices, the means of travel and their equipment.

For example we have photographers specialized in sports, concerts or even fashion


Management and coordination

We are also able to manage a team of photographers and videographers during the shoot and coordinate the entire visual aspect of your event.


Branding Consulting

Do you want your branding and your partners' promotional tools to be harmoniously integrated? We can come to your event and organize the branding so that it is present without being too flashy


First contact

contact us via this form, we will get back to you as soon as possible

Thank you!

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